The word religion comes from the latin re-ligere meaning to tie back.

It refers to the inner need of every human being to return to their centre, to retreat back to their original innocence and happiness at their mother’s breast under their loving father’s protection. With that safe refuge securely cemented, they then feel safe to venture forth upon noble adventures seeking out those less fortunate than themselves who know not their parent’s comfort. As the posse gathers, a chain reaction occurs freeing everyone from their chains.

True religion works on the individual soul to make their’s a better being, understanding and life. Once they awaken to the law which is written upon their heart, then external political laws become unnecessary. Their saintly state overthrows the State.

If you better souls, then society is bettered, and society’s problems begin to dissolve. This is an endeavour that will not be complete until the end of the world. Don’t let that stop it.

It is easier to wear slippers than to carpet the whole earth