Christ Mass

All Along the Watchtower

So, the long Advent wait is over and the first Mass of Christmas (for many of us) has happened and now we are back with our family. For many, Christmas itself is almost over, although for Christians of a certain frame of mind, we know it has only just begun and will go on until at least the Feast of the Epiphany, and, at least on one old English custom, to Candlemas on 2 February, which is the fortieth day of the Christmas period. Our ancestors were less niggardly with celebrations than we are, and the plethora of Saints days gave their name to the word we use now to describe periods of rest from work – ‘holidays’ – which, of course, derives from ‘holy days’ – which at least makes for a smile when used by secularists as a substitute for Christmas, as in ‘happy holidays’.

Of all the…

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