11th September 2001

I should have written this yesterday but I was otherwise preoccupied.

The morning of that horrific happening I was driving home to be reunited with my young wife and those of our children not yet at school. I arrived in the door to be reminded by Mrs Burrito that we were expecting delivery of our new refrigerator that day. I was quite sleepy after my preceding clinical duties but still I played with my toddler and infant incumbents as best I could. Then I snoozed on the job.

I was rudely awakened by the commotion surrounding the arrival of the fridge at around 2 pm. I staggered out to the kitchen to “supervise” the workmen delivering this new piece of domestic industrial plant and their taking away of its useless predecessor. As I ushered them out the door, my spouse howled for me to see what was happening on the telly.

I went forward and witnessed the plane plunging into the building, over and over again.

Oh God, I thought I was witnessing some awful accident!

Then the second plane plunged into the other tower.

I  became terrified as I realised it was all deliberate “human” action at work! I sat glued to the set watching the repetitive news coverage over and over and over again. It became quite hypnotic.

Homely duties supervened. I had to pick up the kids from school. As I walked up the hill to there, I heard a loud rumbling from the sky and looked up. An enormous grey aircraft was coming from out of the distance, at very low altitude, straight towards my children’s school!

I fell to my knees upon the pavement, and prayed fervently: “Oh Mercy, Mercy, not my children, please no!

A few seconds passed, and so did the plane, without incident. It was an RAF Hercules training flight in the wrong place at the wrong time. I got back on my feet and continued to pick up my kids from school.

We all returned home to supper, but only the children digested it well. All credit to the terrorists that day: We adults were all thoroughly terrorised!

That strategy and tactic has a short working life though, as history since has proven.

Terrorism becomes less effective the more it is used. People become more used to it and start to laugh at it. The best defence against the devil is to laugh at the devil!

When he/she/it isn’t being taken seriously, then its power departs.