Second Childhood


This is me ironically asking that innocent children are no longer enrolled into “Rainbow/LGBT agitprop” -Thanks guyz and galz, you know it makes sense.

Every rational critter (human being) in this universe gets second helpings, by the Management’s Graceful and Generous decree. In case you are not following me, then let me explain.

Can I or any of you explain wherefrom our own very existence arose? Some might answer “our parents”, or even “evolution”. The simple rebuff to these is to ask wherefrom their existence arose. And so on ad infinitum….

Some other philosophers pose the question:

“Why is there ANY-THING rather than NO-THING?”.

(They usually ask this with a knowing smile, as they know they will dine out and get drinks bought for them all evening long purely on the strength of this unanswerable challenge. That’s human nature at work!)

[Let’s get back to the topic please – Ed]

Every rational critter, if they’re lucky, gets birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood as part of the free deal that is life. Included as a package with this is the society of their parents, siblings, and everyone else. This may be where the rot of unhappiness begins. Some existentialist philosopher (Sartre) once said “Hell is other people”. I disagree with him: “Heaven is other people” is what I say! Without other people, I would have to live a hermit’s existence and possibly die of loneliness and purposelessness, like Robinson Crusoe without his Friday.

While my heart still beats, and my brain still thrums, then let me shout this from the housetops: I love being a human being! I love being a part of a family and wider society, no matter how dysfunctional it is! Having passed my 55th birthday I am currently enjoying my second childhood! Yay for that!

[Dementia cannot be far behind, eh? – Ed 😉 ]

Although the news headlines are filled with grimness, and the faces of many around me are glum, I cannot help but think that Goodness is just about to triumph, even if the way forward is not immediately imminent nor obvious.

I am much more than a mere optimist. I have a soul full of inextinguishable light. In fact I am an old-fashioned Roman candle, and very much out of season!

May your soul and many others catch fire from mine! Better a goodly conflagration than a chilly burnout!






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