On being an everyday Catholic

My first ever blog post on CP&S. The comments are fantastic. Golden days.

There are all sorts of places where being a good Catholic conflicts with everyday life in the world. For instance, the clash of Sunday Mass obligation, with the sometimes unavoidable need to work on Sundays.

As a doctor in the NHS, I am often put in morally dubious situations, not of my own making, which I have to try to manage as morally as I can. As an example, I am asked to cover a colleague’s sickness, and end up having to anaesthetise a lady who is going to have a sterilisation. I may be able to  ask a non Catholic colleague to do this case for me, but if they can’t, what should I do? Cancel the case? Disappoint the anxious patient? Waste my employers time and resources? Throw a dicky fit and bemoan the unfairness of it all?

I’ll be honest with you, sometimes I do not know…

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