The Profaneum

As I am a sinner in the world, not all I think, say or do is for the greater Glory of God, DUH!

This page is to allow me to express this side of me. The jury’s out, it’s open season for banter. You’re welcome to join in.


8 thoughts on “The Profaneum

  1. Here is the pathos heavy tale of a humanoid dog character discovering what life in the big city usually entails: violence, loneliness and alienation. Da funk:

    I must admit to feeling like this back when I lived in the big city, pathetic as I was.


  2. Here’s another video favourite of mine, with a very Catholic theme to it:

    “Around the world”

    May I pledge my thanks to all the lady-swimmers, skelingtons, robots, mummies, and the tall-small-headed-guys who contributed to this choreographic masterpiece: That was a piece of work indeed!


  3. OK, so I am going to use this blog sub-department in which to post those YouTube videos that have most caught my attention over the years. I guess they will be presented in reverse order, ie decreasing innocence:

    Let forever be:


  4. If I had a hammer!

    I have just discovered this unique version of the many-times covered protest song by Pete Seeger.

    This is sung by Ross McManus, the father of ‘Elvis Costello’, and the singer behind the R Whites lemonade commercials!


    • Ross McManus’s son gave us this catchy song about mercenaries:

      The ‘Oliver’ of the title refers to Oliver Cromwell, the inventor of the “New Model Army”. OC was responsible for many atrocities against the civilian population of Ireland in his attempts to gain control there.

      My point is that the middle-east is not the only place on earth dealing with injustices. Everywhere and everyone is. The only realistic and magnanimous cure is FORGIVENESS!

      Forgiveness requires Courage, Understanding, Mercy and Sacrifice These qualities of the human soul are rarely spoken about nowadays, but never have they been so needed.


  5. This has to be the scariest clip from Doctor Who ever. It is from the story “Fury from the deep” and was shown on 23rd March 1968. At around this time, every gas appliance in the land was being converted from town gas to natural gas. There were thus a lot of strange gas-men a-visiting! This scene was obviously inspired so. The creepy characters with the coma inducing halitosis are called Mr Quill and Mr Oak. Watch from 0:36 to 1:33


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